Gentle Steps Child Care Inc.

"Helping the Children of the Future, One Step at a Time"

All 3 programs at Gentle Steps is currently at full capacity. Please fill out our wait list form and should a spot open up, we will contact you. 


Infant/Toddler Program:

Our infant/toddler program is licensed for 8 children aged 10 months- 35 months of age.

With a 1:4 staff:child ratio, children are given opportunities to explore thru sensory play, build their self-independence and be cared for in a loving, & nurturing environment. Staff ensure the children have the opportunities they need to develop emotionally, socially, & cognitively. Our outdoor play area is fully fenced with age appropriate activities where children are able to explore & appreciate nature.

3-5 Program:

Our full-day 3-5 program is licensed for 16 children aged 30 months-5 years of age.

With a 1:8 ratio & a smaller group size we are able to give more attention to your young ones as they learn. Activities are set-up to give children the chance to explore & learn thru play while enhancing their self-help skills. With our preschool based curriculum Gentle Steps Child Care helps children get ready for Kindergarten.